Our state of the art in-house fiber optic and copper factories enable you to receive custom products and turn-key solutions to your exact specifications; profit from an unparalleled quality and manufacturing lead time and to capitalize on our technical team to reduce your design cycle and solve any technical difficulties you may encounter.

Our outsized in-house inventory for the quick replenishment of our partner’s distribution points and for those on-site urgent deliveries many installation projects need. We make it a point to maintain at all times a comprehensive inventory level of each and every standard product we advertize, so you will never hear the “Out of Stock” excuse from us.

In collaboration with our distribution partners and for each distribution point, we have worked to establish an inventory program supporting a wide variety of Wirewerks products and to make them readily available throughout Canada and the US.

Our 25 years warranty on Wirewerks structured cabling systems is designed to ensure that the installation and product workmanship, functionality, and performance fulfill all the promises we’ve made to you. And with one single point of contact, you will eliminate the need to speak with multiple people when you’re in need of a certification, have a question about the warranty, or a claim to make.

Our engineering and technical support teams are always on hand to assist you, advise you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have with a particular project. You can rely with confidence on our years of expertise and proven support necessary to deliver the products and solutions you are looking for.

Choosing Wirewerks for your connectivity requirements is the wise and reliable option which will give you peace of mind and give your network the cabling infrastructure it demands.