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Wirewerks is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems.

Wirewerks’ solutions have served our customers’ network infrastructure needs since 1991. Today, our customer-base spans virtually all vertical markets and our solutions address virtually all network configurations and topologies, from the desktop to the data center, and everything in-between. Innovation, quality and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business and the qualities that have driven our success and continuous growth over the years.

The company Wirewerks fiber used throughout the world and trampled in the largest companies. Accurate and fast data transfer is important, especially
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Wirewerks to take care of their partners, and provides flexible configuration options of equipment laying fiber for their business.

Installer Programs

Before becoming a certified installer for Wirewerks systems, installers must go through a rigorous qualification process to ensure their abilities and resources are adequate to design, install, and very/certify a telecommunications network.

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CableOnce is Wirewerks end-to-end solution responding to all your optical fiber and copper cabling installations requirements.

Keywerks is Wirewerks keystone connectivity solution and is designed to provide you with the sustainable and dependable performance you are looking for.

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Thursday , 16 November 2017


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Monday , 16 October 2017