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Next Step Cable Tree

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Next Step cable management, blue, 1/pack

Wirewerks’ NEXT STEP™ Cable Tree a unique, revolutionary solution for managing cables in a structured cabling system. Its base is magnetic, attracted to any ferro-magnetic material. As the magnetic base of the NEXT STEP™ Cable Manager does not need to be permanently fastened, it can be rearranged at any time during installations or during MACs; making it a re-usable, multi-position device.

The system is also strain-free; it protects fragile fiber optics by dislodging itself if cable tension becomes too high, eliminating the risk of pulling or tugging on the fiber. The 6 compartments of the manager can handle up to 12 fibers of a 2mm diameter or less, for a total of 72 fibers. Users can separate their fibers into groups, for easier tracking of a particular strand.

1 per ziplock bag

Physical Characteristics
Material: ABS thermoplastic
Overall dimensions: 1.40"[36mm] x 1.31" [43mm] x 0.63" [16}

Mechanical Characteristics
Operating temperature: -40° C (-40° F) ~ 75° C (167° F)
Storage temperature: -40° C (-40° F) ~ 85° C (185 °F)

  • Strain-free
  • Multi-position
  • Can manage 72 fibers with jacket OD of 2mm or smaller.
  • Entrance facility
  • Data center
  • Telecommunications room
  • Cellular tower base station
  • Consolidation point
  • Central office
  • Equipment room

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