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NextSTEP Blank Adapter Module

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The Wirewerks NextSTEP Blank Adapter Module increases the cooling efficiency in data center applications by preventing hot and cold airflows from mixing. It also acts as a compartment to stow dust caps, labels and other tools. Made of durable, high-impact ABS plastic, the Wirewerks NextSTEP Blank Modules snap easily into position with a fluid and robust sliding mechanism and are compatible with all Wirewerks NextSTEP housings.

1 unit per ziplock bag

Physical Characteristics
UL 94V-0 High-Impact ABS Thermoplastic

Overall dimensions
6.69” [170mm] x 3.92” [100mm] x 0.49” [12mm]

Mechanical Characteristics
Operating temperature
-20° C (-40° F) ~ 75° C (167° F)
Storage temperature
-40° C (-40° F) ~ 85° C (185° F)

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  • Increases cooling efficiency by blocking unwanted airflow
  • Can be used as a storage compartment for dust-caps, test results, labels and tools
  • Reserves patch panel slots for future expansion
  • Helps keep patch panel looking organized and uniform
  • Entrance facility
  • Data center
  • Telecommunications room
  • Cellular tower base station
  • Consolidation point
  • Central office
  • Equipment room

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