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Optical Fiber Splice-On Connector

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Wirewerks Splice-on Connector, LC/UPC, 2/3mm, Blue Boot

Wirewerks Optical Fiber Splice-On Connectors combine the performance and reliability advantages of fusion splicing with the flexibility and on-site termination benefits of field-installable connectors. Wirewerks Splice-On Connectors are compatible with any 2-3mm OD single fiber cable and are available in LC and SC connector formats in either APC or UPC ferrule polishing styles. The Splice-On Connector utilizes just two components - a connector and a pre-crimped Kevlar rope that is mechanically merged to the cable. Our two-component approach simplifies installation, maximizes yield, and delivers the superior strain relief properties of a factory-terminated fiber patch cord in a field-terminated connector. Additionally, Wirewerks Splice-On Connectors are compatible with any fusion splicer and eliminate the need for expensive crimping tools, splicer jigs, index matching gels, and splice trays/enclosures; providing cost effective, reliable solutions for fusion-spliced field fiber termination.

Housing Material
High Impact UL 94 V-0 ABS Thermoplastic

Connector Ferrule Material
Zirconia Ceramic

Maximum Insertion Loss
0.2dB (UPC); 0.3dB (APC)

Maximum Return Loss
55dB (UPC); 65dB (APC)

Maximum Tension SC
6.8kg (15lb)

Maximum Tension LC
3.4kg (7.5lb)

-40°C (-40°F) ~ 75°C (167°F)

Optical Fiber Cabling Component Standard

Generic Requirements for Single Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies

Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard - Type LC

Fiber Optic Connector Interfaces - Part 20: Type LC Connector Family

Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard - Type SC

UL 94
Tests for Flammability of Plastic Material for Parts in Devices and Appliances

Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Installation Guide

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• Compatible with all fusion splicers; no splicer jig required
• Factory-terminated, low-loss solution; insertion loss and return loss guaranteed by environmentally-controlled polishing process
• Aramid strength members ensure standards-compliant tensile strength characteristics
• Ultra-flexible boot allows routing in tight spaces
• Dedicated labeling space on the boot
• Rapid, simplified installation process with high-quality, high-performance, high-yield results
• Universal process for all connector types is easy to learn and repeat
• Eliminate the need for expensive crimping tools, index matching gels, and splice trays and/or enclosures
• Pre-assembled - no housing to install
• Pre-cleaved - only need to prep the incoming cable and splice
• Available in LC/APC, LC/UPC and SC/APC, SC/UPC formats

• Telecommunications Room
• Equipment Room
• Consolidation Point
• Work Area
• Cellular Tower Base Station
• Data Centers
• Telecommunications Networks
• Test and Measurement Systems
• Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN)
• Community Access Television (CATV)
• Fiber to the X (FTTx)

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