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Field Terminable RJ45 Plug

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Field terminable RJ45 plug, CAT6A, UTP, Grey

Wirewerks Field Terminable RJ45 Plugs combine the performance and reliability advantages of factory-terminated Category 6A plugs with the flexibility and onsite termination benefits of field-installable connectors. The Wirewerks Field Terminable RJ45 Plug enables fast, reliable on-site termination of UTP and FTP solid-conductor copper cables in the exact lengths required for each installation. Cables are secured to the plug, and cable pairs are precision terminated on an IDC module within the plug, by closing the plug’s two hinged jaws with a compression nut engineered to apply the precise pressure necessary to complete a perfect termination every time. No crimping or special tools are required and the IDC interface supports both T568A and T568B wiring schemes. The Wirewerks Field Terminable RJ45 Plug delivers guaranteed Category 6A performance in under one-minute of installation time.

Dielectric Strength
1000 V D.C. or A.C. Peak at 60Hz for 1 min.

Maximum Current Rating
1.5 A

Minimum Electrical Insulation
Resistance 500 MΩ at 100 V D.C.

Contact Pins Phosphor
Bronze Alloy plated with 50 micro-inch of Gold

Housing Material
• For UTP, High-Impact, flame-retardant, UL94V-0 plastic
• For FTP, Zinc-alloy fully shielded

IDC Termination Interface
Phosphor Bronze Alloy with 100 micro-inch of 100% Tin Alloy

-40° C / +60° C

-40° C / +125° C

-40° C / +40° C

FCC 47, part 68
Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Public Switched Telephone Network

ISO/IEC 11801
Generic Cabling for Customer Premises (Channel requirements)

Balanced Twisted-Pair TelecommunicationsCabling and Component Standards (Channel requirements)

ASTM D4565
Standard Test Methods for Physical andEnvironmental Performance Properties of Insulations and Jackets for Telecommunications Wire and Cable

IEC 60603-7
Connectors for Electronic Equipment

UL 444
Standard for Safety for Communication Cables

UL 94
Tests for Flammability of Plastic Material for Parts in Devices and Appliances

Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Bi-national (Canada, US) Listed Communication Circuit Accessories

• No crimping or special tools required
• Category 6A performance equivalent to factory terminated connectors guaranteed
• Available in unshielded and shielded designs for UTP and FTP cables
• Full support of both T568A and T568B wiring schemes
• Universally compatible with 6mm to 8mm OD cables with 23-26 AWG plastic insulated solid copper conductors
• Snag-less, easy-to-press latch

• IP cameras
• Telecommunications Room
• Equipment Room
• Consolidation Point
• Work Area

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