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2.5 mm Ferrule HUX Cleaner


Wirewerks supplies a variety of fiber optic cleaning products to allow effective cleaning of all connectors and adapters.These cleaning products are effective on all fiber optic cables, patch cords and assemblies.

Cleaning products offered:
Optic Prep -high grade premoistened lint free cleaning wipe.
Duster - source of compressed CO2 gas for removing dust and particles.
Electrowash - spray cleaner for oil and handling soils.
Cletop - reel cleaners, ultra-finemicro fiber material.
HUX - pen type in-adaptor ferrule cleaner
Features and Benefits
Wide range of effective cleaners
Short lead times on stockeditems

Opti Prep
Mild proprietary cleaning solution on nonabrasive 4” x 8.25” wipe
Regular strength spray duster
100% ultra-pure HFC-134a, fi ltered to 0.2 microns
Leaves no residue
Nonflammable, safe on plastics, ozone safe
Extra cleaning strength spary cleaner
Flammable, safe on plastics, ozone safe
Dries fast, leaves no residue
Micro fi ber tape cleaner, 2μm fabric
Type A provides opening for 2.5mm ferrules
Type B provides opening for 1.25mm ferrules
Hux Cleaner
Advanced proprietary micro fi ber dry cleaner
Estimated equal 500 swabs
Compliant to the directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances.
UL 94
Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and appliances.

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