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1000Base LX Single Mode SFP Modules (Upto 40 Km)

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Wirewerks small form factor pluggable (SFP) multimode supports Gigabit Ethernet over multimode cables at distances up to 40 km. It is fully compliant to IEEE 802.3z standard for Gigabit Ethernet. It is a cost effective method of providing changeable interfaces to switches and media converters with universal SFP socket. Digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM) functions, also known as digital optical monitoring (DOM), specified in industry standard SFF-8472, is also available as an option. This feature gives the end user the ability to monitor real time parameters of the SFP such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage.

Features & Benefits

  • Cisco Compatible
  • LC Duplex Connector
  • 1310 FP laser and PIN photo detector
  • 3.3 V power supply
  • Hot pluggable capability
  • Extended EMI and excellent ESD protection
  • Class 1 laser safety product.
  • Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM) option
  • Instructions manual


  • Fiber channel applications
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Switch to switch interface
  • Router/server interface

Physical Characteristics

Interface: LC duplex
Overall dimensions : 55.4 mm (2.18 in) x 13.7 mm (0.54 in) x 8.6 mm (0.338 in)

Optical Characteristics : Transmitter

Output optical power Pout (dBm): -5/0 (min. /max.)
Extinction ratio ER (dB) : 9
Center wavelength λC (nm) : 1310/1270/1350 (nom. /min. /max.)
Spectral width Δλ 20 dB (nm): 4
Rise/Fall time 20-80% Tr, f max. (ns) : 0.26
Total Jitter TJ max. (UI) : 0.43

Optical Characteristics : Receiver

Input optical power Pin m (dBm) : -3 (max.)
Optical input power Pin sensitivity (dBm) : -22 (min.)
Operating center wavelength λc (nm) : 1310/1270/1610 (nom./min./max.)
Loss of signal – Asserted PA (dBm) : -28 (min.)
Loss of signal – Deasserted PD (dBm): -25 (max.)

Electrical Characteristics : Transmitter

Differential data input swing Vin (mV) : 500/2400 (min. /max.)
Transmit fault output-low TX_FAULT (V) : 0.0/0.8 (min. /max.)
Transmit fault output-High TX_FAULT (V) : 2.0 /VCC (min. /max.) VCC = 3.1 V~3.5 V

Electrical Characteristics : Receiver

Differential data output swing Vout (mV) : 370/2000 (min. /max.)
Receiver loss of signal output RX_LOS (V) : 0/0.8 (min. /max.)
Receiver loss of signal output RX_LOS (V) : 2.0/VCC (min. /max.) VCC = 3.1 V~3.5 V

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply voltage VCC (V) : -0.5/4.5 (min. /max.)
Storage temperature : -40° C (-40° F) ~85° C (185° F)
Operating humidity (%) : 5~95

Recommended Operating Conditions

Ambient operating temperature TC : 0° C (32° F) ~70° C (158° F) for WSFP2-33S04Y-1Y
-40° C (-40° F) ~85° C (185° F) for WSFP2-33S04Y-3Y
Supply voltage VCC (V) : 3.15 ~3.45 (min. /max.)
Power dissipation (W) : 1

Timing Requirements

Tx disable negate time t_on (ms) : 1 (max.)
Tx disable assert time t_off (μs) : 10 (max.)
Time to initialize,including reset of Tx fault (ms) : 300 (max.)
Tx fault assert time t_fault (μs) : 100 (max.)
Tx disable to reset t_reset (μs) : 10 (min.)
LOS assert time t_loss_on (μs) : 100 (max.)
LOS de-assert time t_loss_off (μs) : 100 (max.)

Compliant to the directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances
SFP MSA and SFF-8472
Compliant with SFP Multisource Agreement
EN 60825-1
Class 1 laser safety product
IEEE 802.3z
1000Base Gigabit Ethernet
FCC part 15, Class A
Emissions and Immunity standard
European Conformity standard

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