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Wirewerks and Met-Scan Canada provide video solutions over tactical fiber optics for G20 public safety video monitoring

21st July 2011

Toronto Police Services had a need to deploy a number of portable video surveillance cameras in and around one of Canada’s largest cities for the G8/G20global conference in Toronto. Issues such as temporary installations, rapid install and removal, the ability to reuse and redeploy the cameras and provide high secu-rity for the cameras in a public area, were only some of the concerns that the police video team had to deal with. To assist them, the police department engaged Met-Scan Canada to provide a solution, integration and project management for the project. We are proud to announce that Wirewerks was chosen to provide the cables used in this solution. For more information on this project and the full article please refer to page 13 in the July/August issue of CNS magazine here