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Wirewerks’ Breakthrough NextSTEP Technology™ Fiber Distribution Frame Wins 2019 CI&M Innovators Award

2nd October 2019

New NextSTEP™ Fiber Distribution Frame is industry’s first modular FDF with integrated vertical cable management designed to install in any 19” rack or cabinet 

MONTREAL – October 2, 2019 – Wirewerks, a leading manufacturer of optical fiber, copper structured cabling systems and network infrastructure solutions, announced today that its new breakthrough NextSTEP Fiber Distribution Frame (NSDF) was recognized with a prestigious Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2019 Innovators Award during a gala ceremony at the BICSI Fall Conference in Las Vegas this week. 

Wirewerks’ new NSDF is the industry’s first modular fiber distribution frame designed to install in any standard 19” rack or cabinet. The NSDF system provides high fiber count, high-density fiber management and termination, including complete vertical cable management, slack management, routing, and strain relief features; all within the width of a standard 19” rack.

NSDF systems are assembled by mounting compact 6U NSDF building-block modules (‘blocks’) into customers’ own 19” racks or cabinets, with each modular NSDF block accepting any combination of 24 NextSTEP fiber modules. The NSDF’s narrow width (20.5” including the rack and vertical cable management) and slim depth (15.25”) yields a footprint of just 312.6 in2 — less than half that of current market leaders. Typical configurations in 44U racks yield a density of 5.53F/in2 of floor space, and higher densities may be achieved by installing additional NSDF blocks in 52U racks. 

“The NSDF’s modular design, small footprint and manageable density were the key innovations recognized by our judging panel of industry experts,” stated Patrick McLaughin, Chief Editor at Cabling Installation & Maintenance.

“Our broadband, wireless and data center customers are rapidly adopting NSDF systems in their hubs and DCs,” commented Jess Dadoun, Director of Marketing at Wirewerks. “Beyond space savings and lower costs, many customers tell us they also value the fact that the NSDF’s design and manufacturing process conforms to Wirewerks’ corporate Sustainability Initiative. The NSDF not only has a smaller footprint, it’s greener as well.” 

For more information, please visit www.wirewerks.com or email the Wirewerks team.

About Wirewerks

Wirewerks is an industry-leading manufacturer of optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems and connectivity solutions. Founded in 1991, Wirewerks is dedicated to delivering seamless and scalable end-to-end networking solutions with an unwavering commitment to customers. Wirewerks drives innovation by investing in its own product development and quality lab testing to bring the best-in-class products to the telecommunications industry. Our extensive portfolio of cutting-edge innovative solutions for fiber optic cable management and structured cabling includes the award-winning NextSTEP Technology™ fiber management system, which is a super high-density connectivity solution with proven success in data center applications across North America. Wirewerks is headquartered in Montreal, Québec. For more information, visit www.wirewerks.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About The Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2019 Innovators Awards program: The CI&M 2019 Innovators Awards program reviews and recognizes the most-innovative new products and solutions in the structured cabling industry. Criteria used in the Innovators Awards selection process include: innovation, value, sustainability, collaboration, and impact.

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