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Wirewerks Launches New NextSTEP Technology™ Modular Fiber Distribution Frame at ISE Expo

25th September 2019

New NextSTEP™ Distribution Frame is the smallest modular fiber design for rack and vertical cable management available, mounts in any 19” rack or cabinet

MONTREAL – September 25, 2019 – Wirewerks, a leading manufacturer of optical fiber, copper structured cabling systems and network infrastructure solutions, announced today the global launch of its new NextSTEP™ Fiber Distribution Frame (NSDF) at the ISE EXPO in Fort Worth, TX. Wirewerks’ new NSDF is the industry’s first high-density modular fiber distribution frame designed to install in any standard 19” rack or cabinet. The NSDF system provides high-density fiber management and termination, including complete vertical cable management, slack management, routing and strain relief features; all within the width of a standard 19” rack. The NSDF’s narrow width (20.5” including the rack and vertical cable management) and slim depth (15.25”) yields a footprint of just 312.6 in2, less than half that of current market leaders.

NSDF systems are assembled using compact 6U NSDF building-block modules (‘blocks’). Each NSDF block provides integrated vertical cable management, and accepts up to 24 NextSTEP fiber modules in any combination, including patch, distribution, splice tray, WDM, splitter and MPO/LC/SC adapter modules. Individual blocks manage up to 288F with NextSTEP 12F patch or distribution modules; up to 576F with 12/24F NextSTEP splice tray modules; or as many as 2,304F with 12/24F MPO adapter strip modules. Up to six 6U NSDF blocks may be installed in 44U racks or cabinets, and NSDF bays are completed with 4U NSDF Bottom Trays and 4U NSDF Top Panels for cable routing and airflow control.

 A typical NSDF bay with six blocks and 24 – 12F fiber modules per block yields a fiber density of 5.53F/in2 of floor space. Fiber counts and fiber density within the same 312.6 in2 footprint may be increased with use of 24/48/96F fiber modules, or by using 52U racks with seven 6U NSDF blocks per rack.

“The NSDF’s breakthrough modular design means customers can create scalable FDFs with integrated vertical cable management in their own preferred 19” racks or cabinets,” commented Edouard Tabet, Head of Engineering at Wirewerks. “Our engineers focused on assuring manageability within the high-density small footprint, and short delivery lead times mean NSDF systems can be implemented in days not months.”

The NSDF’s footprint is not only smaller, it’s greener, too. The NSDF product line was developed in accordance with Wirewerks’ Sustainability Initiative covering recyclable materials, reduced packaging and energy efficient production. 

To learn more about our new modular NextSTEP Fiber Distribution Frame and many more network innovations from Wirewerks, please visit us at Exhibit Booth #627 at the ISE EXPO in Fort Worth, TX on   September 25-26, 2019, or click here to schedule a meeting with us at the show. For more information, please visit www.wirewerks.com.

About Wirewerks

Wirewerks is an industry-leading manufacturer of optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems and connectivity solutions. Founded in 1991, Wirewerks is dedicated to delivering seamless and scalable end-to-end networking solutions with an unwavering commitment to customers. Wirewerks drives innovation by investing in its own product development and quality lab testing to bring the best-in-class products to the telecommunications industry. Our extensive portfolio of cutting-edge innovative solutions for fiber optic cable management and structured cabling includes the award-winning NextSTEP Technology™ fiber management system, which is a super high-density connectivity solution with proven success in data center applications across North America. Wirewerks is headquartered in Montreal, Québec. For more information, visit www.wirewerks.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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