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Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare providers are under constant pressure to improve the quality of healthcare while drastically reducing their costs. In response, the industry has turned to technology for solutions; rapidly adopting new technologies in the areas of electronic medical records, wireless wearable medical devices, and telemedicine to name but a few. This, in turn, is driving tremendous growth in the number of users requiring network access to manage patient records, monitor clinical applications and communicate with patients and colleagues around the world.

New applications and technologies, along with exponential user growth have driven the development and publication of a new ANSI-TIA industry standard specifically addressing the complexities of structured cabling in healthcare facilities. ANSI/TIA-1179 provides standards for the planning and installation of structured cabling systems including cabling and pathways and spaces for healthcare environments. Additionally, ANSI/TIA-1179 defines the cabling requirements for many healthcare systems, such as RFID, BAS, nurse call, security, access control, and pharmaceutical inventory and dispensing systems.

Wirewerks’ high-performance, ultra reliable structured cabling solutions for healthcare facilities enable:

  • Improved quality of care, reduced risk of medical errors, and lower operating costs
  • Greater utilization of electronic medical records and advanced clinical applications
  • Better response times, through faster wired and wireless network infrastructures
  • Increased security for patient identity and medical records physical layer security features that deter unauthorized network access
  • Network deployment and support for the latest medical technologies, thereby helping to attract and retain top talent that, in turn, grows patient market share and revenues.