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From a networking perspective, the government sector is not really that different from the enterprise sector at a fundamental level. It could be argued that government environments are similar to large-scale conglomerates with many discrete business units, each with their own authority, autonomy and networking needs. Whether federal, state/provincial, or municipal, all levels of government must find the proper balance between accessibility and security in their information services and systems. Individual departments will have different access and security requirements for internal and public users, often with additional, layered security requirements for their internal user community. At the network level, security is addressed at both logical and physical levels, and the cabling infrastructure must be able to support logical security tools such as network segmentation while also providing physical security features such as access control, diverse routing, anti-tapping and enclosure access security.

Additionally, governmental customers may have to deal with issues related to legacy networks, energy and environmental concerns, budgetary issues and complex procurement processes.

Wirewerks has broad experience in providing network infrastructure solutions to all types of governmental customers. Wirewerks offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical fiber and copper structured cabling systems and connectivity solutions that are well suited to the needs and specifications of government agencies. Additionally, we are uniquely capable of developing and manufacturing customized products to meet the unique needs often found in this market.