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The financial sector relies on its ability to communicate information, which is fundamental to implementing and supporting specialized financial services in an ultra competitive business environment.

For example, a former chairman of America Express once explained that as much as AmEx was a financial services company, it was also a telecommunications company in order to ensure access to its services by customers around the globe. Similarly, a senior financial executive at the McDonald’s Corporation once commented that while their product was hamburgers, one of their most important profit generators came from instantly knowing exactly how much cash was in the drawer of every register at every restaurant worldwide, and then trading that currency for profit on world markets – impossible without a reliable global communications network.

It is clear that the financial sector relies heavily on its ability to communicate information as the foundation for specialized financial products and services. Banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, brokerage firms, and other financial organizations all require high-performance, highly reliable, telecommunications networks to support their business activities. These mission-critical networks require equally high-performance and highly reliable structured cabling systems to support and manage all of their converging data, video, and multimedia business applications.

Wirewerks provides the financial community with the proven cabling solutions needed to service both client and internal needs securely, quickly, and reliably.